Nettie Shuttes - Profile  

I have been teaching aerobics since 1990 throughout asia, including countries like Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta), Singapore and Thailand, As well as London, UK.

Being exposed to the fitness lindustry in both retail (Gyms) and hotels (Sheraton, Hilton and Club Med) I have learnt that teaching must be enjoyable and students must feel a certain energy from the instructure that morivates them to come back and continue on a regular basis with their workout routines.

Espeience as follows:

1990 - 1992 Sheraton - Bali

1992 - 1993 Hilton Bali

1993 -1995 Hilton Jakarta

1995 - 1996 CLub Med Bali

1996 - 1997 Club Med Singapore

1997 - 1998 Club Med Thailand Phuket

2002 -2004 Bannertynnes Gym London UK