Power-Plate Class  

So What is the Power-Plate?

The Power-Plate is one of the most exciting technological
advances in the fields of sports medicine, athletics, health
and fitness.

Using the principles of Whole Body Vibration (WBV)
training, the Power-Plate can help people to improve
sports performance, enhance fitness and wellness and
even accelerate recovery from injury.

The Health and Fitness and Sports Performance
industries are rife with fads and trends. Often, these
products or activities rely on unfounded claims with little
research or evidence to support them and results do not
justify the hype.

This is not the case with WBV training, which has more than
30 years of practical and scientific research to support its
efficacy. It has become increasingly clear that this training
technique is valid, effective and will continue to grow.
Whole Body Vibration training provides the following

. Shorter training time for similar results
. Increased muscle strength
. Improved flexibility
. Intense stimulation and increase of neurological system
. Increased blood circulation
. Aids in the reduction of pain
. Increased bone mineral density
. Increased levels of key hormones - Testosterone,    Human Growth Hormone, IGF-I and Serotonin
. Massage applications
. Decrease in Cortisol levels (stress hormones)
. Increase in balance and coordination.

As research continues, we are learning even more about
the benefits of WBV training.

Although studies use different variables in vibration and
methodology, they all point to the benefits of using WBV.
As our understanding of this type of training increases,
the implications in terms of who could derive benefit from
it also become clearer. As a result of this, new research
is being conducted into the use of the Power-Plate in a
health and fitness environment.